Questions & Answers

What do I get when I buy a photograph? 
You get the print-ready file that you can download to your computer. Just the digital file, not a physical print (this way you can decide the size of your print and you don't have to worry about shipping, yay!)

All of the print files have been carefully edited and exported for the best possible print quality. You can get two sizes, a small file size that is suitable for a print about the size of an A3 page / US 11 x 17", and a large file size that is big enough for really big poster sizes. 

Can't I just print the photos from the My New Roots blog?
Some photos are favorites from the My New Roots blog and available to everybody, however in low resolution for web that will not look very crisp when printed. The photos you can download in this shop are high resolution and have been edited just for print so they will look great on your walls. 

Can I print an unlimited number of posters?
Yes, for your own personal use - so feel free to print one for the living room, the cottage and your work desk. If you want to give a poster as a present, please buy the photograph and print it for that person. 

Can I use the photos for my flyers/blog/company website/event?
When you buy a photo on this website it comes with a license for personal use only. If you want to use a photo for any kind of commercial purpose, please inquire at