Printing and Framing guide for printable posters

What do I ask for when I go to the printers?
Once you’ve downloaded the print, transfer the PDF to a USB memory stick and take it with you to the printers.

Once there, you’ll need to specify these three things:

  • size of print
  • type of paper
  • printing method

If you’ve purchased a small /medium print, you can print as small as you like, up to A3 / 11”x 17”. If you’ve purchased a large / extra large print, you can print as small as you like, up to A0 / 34” x 44”. We do not recommend printing larger than this as the resolution will be compromised. 


We recommend an acid-free, matte, 180 gsm / 48 lb. coated card stock. This weight of paper is sturdy, but not overly heavy so that you can roll it for transport. It’s also the perfect weight for a poster that doesn’t require repeated handling.

There are two methods of printing you can choose from, digital or Offset Litho.

Digital prints are the least expensive and fastest to make. If you’re printing A3 or smaller, this is a good option, although the quality won’t be as high.

Offet Litho printing is more expensive and can take longer, but the quality is very high. If you’re printing larger than A3, this is the option we would highly recommend.

How do I frame my prints?
We’ve formatted the PDFs to suit standard print sizes, A-series for international, and inches for North America. Choose whichever format suits you best.

We like to choose our frame before printing, so that we have the dimensions in mind before going to the print store. This is easier than physically having to crop the image post-printing, or (gasp!) having the print be too small for the frame.

Because we’ve chosen standard sizing, this will make finding a frame very easy. Brand stores like IKEA tend to be an inexpensive and accessible option for frames. We also like vintage or second hand frames, but highly recommend you measure before printing since older frames can have unusual dimensions.  

Sarah B. of Gourmet Print Shop - Frozen Berries printable food poster

This is Sarah with an A0 print - it's pretty big :)